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Friday, September 4, 2015

Let loose, ponder and back again

Its been long since I even visit my own blog. I guess it does bring back some memories and to find out how much I like typing my train of thoughts down. Interesting it is to me. Fascinating.

I guess that happens. At times, you just got to let loose, let go a little so have a bigger view and have a peek back into what you have left behind. Once someone told me, what a person leave behind every step of the way in life are just memories, legacy. I believe its much more. I was taught throughout the years away from this blog and now back again, that all that is left in this blog before what have become of me now will remind me of who I am before this and what I should not repeatedly do the mistakes in life so far.

Well, many things happened recently. Things changed, thoughts changed, perspective changed, yet mistakes repeated. Worst is that I let it happen again. Unintentionally hurt people who cared for me the most. Jokingly speaking, its as if I avoided all the obstacles, but at the end of the day i still stepped on my shoelaces and fell again. *bam!!! unfortunately I am not the indestructible Nokia 3310 that was so much famous back in the days till now*

Until what happened recently, when I heard the news, I started to ponder. Again I was giving many chances to change the course of action that I made thus far, yet I repeatedly take the similar steps that got me into this same condition again. It took me time to face, took me courage to admit my failures which I never meant to make again. *slap myself awake, lets get back to pace, lets work things out by fixing myself.*

Yet again, not everything is bad. taking a further step back i managed to help changed many. That one simple heart, the most fragile part have been very much been cherished. Thank you to those that have been there and stayed. A new life in which I was even given the chance to inspire many, support many others to believe that merely to them is impossible. Slowly I gain furthermore insights of what I already have, having the guts to move on further in life. New life again, meeting someone new, important. Never imagined a big turn in life. Nonetheless, time to get back again! Time to fight again! Adding more into this blog! Perhaps restart my love for creating short stories.

Well, time to go.... More challenges ahead to deal with the things, and hopefully getting my life back into one piece again. A bigger piece.

P/S: Do drop me some topics to discuss about, this blog is about point blank of reality that we see now anyway!! ^^v

Sunday, April 21, 2013

General election? Hmmm... interesting

Hmmm... elections coming and all I see in FB are just bombardments of curses and insults etc etc.... hmmm... Interesting... Let's see how it will happen after the results are out... Hmmm....

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Been away... left abandon

Wow... it does seems like I've left my poor blog alone for quite some time already. Well it's about time to get back into active blogging soon. ^^

Friday, March 16, 2012

Listen and expect less

I was asked of this question: Why wouldn't my MAN share his problems with me? Why is he hiding it from me?

To be frank, I believe lately its unfair to say that guys are the ones who do not understand girls. Its rather both sides now.

I remember watching a short clip on scenarios when girls asked their 'men' on what are they thinking. I would agree to that, partially. The other half, I won't not really put it as ego, but rather I would ask this: Gals, are you able to sit down, listen to your man calmly while he whines and complains like you do? And when I say calmly, it would include that you would not stop him in the middle of the whole 'sharing' process and say that he is long winded, or having the thought that he is weak and unable to protect you and all sorts of excuses that one can come up with?

Food for thought.

Thats the reason why more and more guys are not willing to share their problems or even rather find someone else to talk about their problems even if the person would only just sit and listen.

Sad fact of life.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Ups and Downs, Balance?

Its been time since I blogged properly I guess. Especially about reality. Anyway here goes.

Recently my friend and I just discussed of the ups and downs of working life. Which ever part is it balanced? We often wonder where are the wonderful theories "You will get what you want if you work out as hardworking and smart" and "Hardwork pays it all". Things just does not seems like what it's suppose to be when you deliver yourself to the working society, the reality of life.

That's when you start to feel that work does not pay off anymore, you lose motivation, you no longer work as well as you suppose to be when you just started. (You can be in denial but try evaluating yourself. Got me? ^^)

But please do remind yourself that the HUMANs as we are often fall for the simplest sins that any man or women will make (And I don't mean LUST, and I do mean everyone just depending how well can you resist it; Even if a monk does not control well will also slighty fall in). What I meant is the word "ENVY". When the word envy kicks in, slowly one would feel threaten in some other way when it comes to work post related. SO what they do in return for your hardwork? I guess many would have many different type of return so I'm not in the position to list any.

Besides that fact, the other word called "Misunderstanding" also comes into place. Whether you like it or not, misunderstanding often happen. It just depends on how do you reduce the severity as well as handling it. I once heard this and I quote: "Misunderstanding. No matter who started a ruckus over a matter, there is no doubt that it your fault." Weird isn't it, but its true. Its something hard to avoid as we live in a world with many different people with different culture, different believes and etc. To make things a little clear for you guys, a joke can be a real laugh for one but can offend the other. Agree?

I guess it comes back to the point, how much more that we really need to work on in order to get the expected return? From what I said so far may seems endless, but living up your life and often keep in mind of the concept "give and take", never to be in excess, as well as looking things at the brighter side, slowly but surely you'll get the satisfaction you wanted, of course in various ways. You may not see it now, but you'll see it when people starts appreciating you.


Monday, October 24, 2011

Past & Old

I once heard this: "Uncle, stop living and past tense anymore. Telling me past tense would not bring you anything."

in that instance I took my phone and sent this to my FB.

"The old age who reminiscence the past symbolizes the history of which should be remembered as a lesson, and not be treat as the PAST." - Nathaniel, 2011

Learn and absorb.....

Sunday, October 23, 2011


What is success?

I guess this a question that many would have heard from any talks. Be it its from a talk show, a motivational talk, or even a talk in marketing companies. But what really is success?

Many said that in order to be successful, I must achieve what I want. For instance, MONEY!! (I believe many heard of this right?) But is it necessary that you obtained the money you need for the rest of your life, can then only bring you to success in life?

I've once heard many talks about success. But there is only a handful that actually caught my ear, and after analyzing them, I came to a stop. I found that many would not tell you further more.

The one i heard about being successful was a man of great ambitions, a man with visions to far and wide that many could not see. he once told me this when I had a chance to meet him.

"To be successful, its not just being able to obtain what you want or wish for, but is to be able to enjoy your life to the extend that you'll never regret, to feel the fulfillment in life you are living in even if you are not able to achieve the material things. To be successful, is to be able to live your life as yourself, to be original, and not by following shadows of whoever it may be. By then you'll understand, what is successful."

Hearing him say so, I understand one thing, that is:

"To be successful, one must not lose one self and never to part ways with the world, learning, absorbing and applying to yourself; wise up and appreciate what's left of yourself, enrich it and prosper."