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Friday, September 4, 2015

Let loose, ponder and back again

Its been long since I even visit my own blog. I guess it does bring back some memories and to find out how much I like typing my train of thoughts down. Interesting it is to me. Fascinating.

I guess that happens. At times, you just got to let loose, let go a little so have a bigger view and have a peek back into what you have left behind. Once someone told me, what a person leave behind every step of the way in life are just memories, legacy. I believe its much more. I was taught throughout the years away from this blog and now back again, that all that is left in this blog before what have become of me now will remind me of who I am before this and what I should not repeatedly do the mistakes in life so far.

Well, many things happened recently. Things changed, thoughts changed, perspective changed, yet mistakes repeated. Worst is that I let it happen again. Unintentionally hurt people who cared for me the most. Jokingly speaking, its as if I avoided all the obstacles, but at the end of the day i still stepped on my shoelaces and fell again. *bam!!! unfortunately I am not the indestructible Nokia 3310 that was so much famous back in the days till now*

Until what happened recently, when I heard the news, I started to ponder. Again I was giving many chances to change the course of action that I made thus far, yet I repeatedly take the similar steps that got me into this same condition again. It took me time to face, took me courage to admit my failures which I never meant to make again. *slap myself awake, lets get back to pace, lets work things out by fixing myself.*

Yet again, not everything is bad. taking a further step back i managed to help changed many. That one simple heart, the most fragile part have been very much been cherished. Thank you to those that have been there and stayed. A new life in which I was even given the chance to inspire many, support many others to believe that merely to them is impossible. Slowly I gain furthermore insights of what I already have, having the guts to move on further in life. New life again, meeting someone new, important. Never imagined a big turn in life. Nonetheless, time to get back again! Time to fight again! Adding more into this blog! Perhaps restart my love for creating short stories.

Well, time to go.... More challenges ahead to deal with the things, and hopefully getting my life back into one piece again. A bigger piece.

P/S: Do drop me some topics to discuss about, this blog is about point blank of reality that we see now anyway!! ^^v

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